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B.o.B. Changes Name To Bobby Ray, Talks Quitting

Posted By on March 17, 2009

    Just a day after fellow upcoming rapper KiD CuDi said that his first album would be his last, B.o.B. is addressing rumors that he also was quitting. "People hit me on Facebook, Twitter, on MySpace," he said in a new interview. [watch here] "I don't know how it got to that. How it got twisted to 'I quit.' I didn't quit. Things got misunderstood." [watch here]

    B.o.B. says that his music is going in a new direction and has a rock-and-roll edge, in fact he has a new name. "Now I go by the name 'Bobby Ray.' Make sure you put 'Bobby Ray,' " B.o.B. said. [watch here]. "I'm really going into a new direction — more free and not trying to live up to any particular genre. I don't feel like I've been doing that. I don't feel like I've been trying to fit in, but I feel even more free-spirited. I have more willingness musically. That's all I'm about. I'm about guitars, chords and keyboards." [watch here]

    B.o.B., along with fellow new upcoming rapper Asher Roth, is one of the main attractions at this weeks's South By Southwest festival (SXSW). B.o.B. will be performing with his band, the Eastsiders.

B.o.B. Changing Name To Bobby Ray