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Tone Loc Collapses Onstage, Apparently the Result of Another Seizure

Posted By on March 19, 2013

Long time West Coast rap veteran, Tone Loc, collapsed on stage from what is being reported as a seizure. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident for the rapper and voice over actor. It seems that the past several years have been plagued with mid-performance health issues.

The most recent was a show in Des Moines Iowa in which the show was cut short because the rapper collapsed after performing a song. The paramedics worked on the rapper for nearly five minutes before the crowd was asked to leave. This incident marks the latest in a growing list of health issues that manifest themselves while the rapper is performing or out in public.

In 2009, he was rushed to the hospital after he collapsed and in October of 2011 he had to be hospitalized because of exhaustion. Then again in June of last year he collapsed during the viewing of a comedy show as a result of what he called heat exhaustion.

Loc also used a seizure to explain a suspected DUI in December of 2010. At this point there has not been any updates as to his current condition.