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Olivia’s Manager Talks 50 Cents 2 Milli Claims

Posted By on March 23, 2010

     Singer Olivia recently had her manager Rich Dollaz spea up at sea on  50 Cent who just said he spent over $2 million dollars on Olivia for G-Unit. Olivias manager says that her commitment to simply touring with 50 Cent, helped him recoup that money. "I just feel people don't really understand two million versus four million versus six million, the bottom line is if you're a record label person and you understand you're trying to recoup, the way you would recoup is to put a project out," Dollaz explained to SOHH. "Now if you're going on the road in support of the main artist and that doesn't allow you to get into the studio and do the proper work necessary for you to put an album out, then you can't blame somebody for that. Your recoup comes every night when you make $200,000 a night at every show. That's your recoup. You're recouping because Olivia's opening, [Lloyd] Banks is on that show, [Tony] Yayo is on that show, I don't know who else was on that [G-Unit] tour, but you're on tour for d*mn near three years and you're talking about spending $2 million over three years when she's performing every night. So it's not because we're sitting at home doing nothing that you're not recouping, it's because you're on the road, making money daily, $2 million isn't a lot over three years to have somebody on the road performing in front of hundreds and thousands of people where glam is necessary, hair and make-up is necessary, wardrobe is necessary, travel is necessary. That's an expense you incur because you chose to incur that expense."

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