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Too Short Is Not Into Modern Technology

Posted By on March 25, 2010

     West Cost OG rapper Too Short recently explained why he is not into using modern technology like social networking tools (myspace, twitter, facebook) or anything else for that matter. Besides being 43-years-old, Too Short says he would rather not get inovolved with online outlets. "I'm personally not gonna sit around on a f*cking computer and blog or have cyberspace friends and all that sh*t," he explained in an interview. "As a business, of course we're gonna have some presence in that world, but I'm not gonna sit around all day like my boy F.A.B. You hang out with F.A.B. and he sit around all day on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, his text messages, emails and making phone calls at the same time while he's writing raps and recording. I'm like, 'Motherf*cker, what are you doing?' It's what he does though, it works for him. But I'm from a different era, man. I could turn around and do that sh*t. I know a lot of OGs, guys like Yukmouth, keeping it alive by utilizing the Internet, but that ain't me. You can find me on the net, but you're not gonna personally get me hitting the keys, talking back and forth with you."

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