Scarface Is Coming Out Of Retirement

Scarface Is Coming Out Of Retirement

     Scarface is coming out of retirement, with his first ever street album. "I'm a free agent," he said. "I always wanted to drop a mixtape on my own. So I just said, 'Let's drop an independent mixtape.' I feel that I should be as an adult and musician and pioneer — that's what they call me. … I feel that I need to move on to another stage with the way I deliver my music to the public. I got a lot of sh– and I'm using about 3 percent of what I know about music. I'm not using it all. I'm music. I can play that sh– long enough for a real musician to catch it and feel me, where I'm going, and we make magic like that."

     "I'm f—ing music — I love music," he said. "I eat, sleep and sh– music. I been around music all my life. I was born in a band. My uncles and cousin were in a band … my daddy was a DJ. That's all I ever knew. My mom was in a band. She was a singer. That's all I ever knew was being in a band. I'm comfortable being onstage in front of people, playing all the instruments."

Scareface Talks About Coming Out Of Retirement (TRAILER)


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