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Yelawolf On Interscope Wants Eminem Collab

Posted By on April 1, 2010

     One of raps newest artists YelaWolf recently confirmed rumors that he signed a record deal with Interscope and of course, like everyone, he wants a collaboration with label mate Eminem. Yelawolf said he passed on deals with Def Jam and Atlantic all to go with Jimmy Iovine and Interscope. "I've probably been through every label in the past couple of years," laughs YelaWolf. "I don't think we missed any. But after SXSW, it just got really heated, you know? Prior to that we had taken a few meetings, but we decided to just hold out and go knock it out there, see where it took us…I think it's completely fair, especially now that I'm at Interscope [to be compared to Em.] There's only been one internationally successful white rapper, so it's human nature. Obviously I don't know him as a person yet, but based on his lyrics and the music that he's put out, there's definitely a common ground of troubles. I'm absolutely up for it. I would love to work with Em. I'm a fan, so I'm definitely going to pitch it. I gotta take advantage of where I'm at."

Yelawolf – Confirms Deal With Interscope Wants Eminem Collaboration