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Scarface, Schoolboy Q, and More Make ‘Most Profane Rap Artists’ List

Posted By on April 3, 2014

The website besttickets.com has compiled , according to them, the most profane rappers of all time. The website states they compiled data since 1985 to arrive at the  “Most Profane Rap Artists – Cuss Words per Song (1985-2013)”  list. 

 “We examined profanity in popular rap music since 1985,” the article says. “The key word here is ‘popular.’ To do this, we selected the five albums from each year that we deemed as the most influential or important. Total sales, artist name recognition, and album hit density all factored into our album choices. Ultimately though, it was our own perceived popularity of each album that determined if it made the cut.”

Check out the graphs below, showing the most profane rappers and the most profane rap albums:

MostProfanityPerSong640 MostProfaneRapArtists640 MostProfaneRapAlbums640