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Pete Rock Names His Top 5 Producers (Video)

Posted By on April 8, 2011

     Hip Hop producer Pete Rock recently listed his top 5 favorite producers of all time, ranging from Gang Starr's DJ Premier to the late J Dilla.

"Alchemist, for that LOX record, 'We Gon' Make It,'" Pete said in an interview. "He put the stamp down. DJ Premier, for all the classics. All the Biggie, all the Guru [records]. Nottz for that R. Kelly joint. 'That's That.' That was really crazy. Dilla for [being] that new dude who came from Mars, landed on Earth and just blasted everybody with his talent and left us. Madlib for all of the underground illness that he does and what he incorporates, the excerpts and the funny stuff he does. It makes me gravitate toward him too. I have to throw [Dr.] Dre in there because Chronic changed my life. [laughs] So I gotta say Dr. Dre. Hopefully one day me and him can collaborate." (Grind Music Radio)

Pete Rock – Talks Top 5 Producers