Peedi Crakk outta Jail Should Jay-Z Hide

Peedi Crakk outta Jail Should Jay-Z Hide

   State Property’s Peedi Crakk can finally release his diss album “Camel Season” to former boss Jay-Z, because he is now out of jail after spending over a year there.

   Peedi Crack was spending time in jail over a parole violation. He took to twitter to announce he was out of jail. WELCOME HOME, PEEDI CRAKK!!! They have finally unleashed the Beast!!! Stay tuned…..

   The last we heard, Peedi was planning an all-out lyrical assault on his former boss Jay-Z and “Camel Season” would be the product of his hate against Jay.

Peedi Crack – Jay-Z Diss Song & Video (From September 2009)

Camel Face Hunting Season Interview With Peedi Crakk (June 2008)

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