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Bang Em Smurf Warns G-Unit’s Mazaradi Foxx

Posted By on April 24, 2009

    After multi disses from G-Unit associate Mazaradi Foxx, Bang Em Smurf has issued a warning via new video. [watch here] Beyond giving him a warning, Bang Em Smurf labels Mazardi Foxx as a federal informant in the video. [watch here]

    Bang Em Smurf talks about the differences of Mazardi Foxx and publically threatening violence saying "There's a lot of n*ggas talking reckless right now," Smurf said in a video. [watch here] "Fox, what's up n*gga you old a** washed up 'Earthworm Jim' looking motherf*cker. You ever mention any n*gga in my team name again it's going dow." [watch here]

     Smurf then goes on to shout out Rick Ross saying "Shout-out to the Boss, album in stores right now, make sure you pick that up…You know I'll give it up, I lay that gun game down n*gga," before continuing with Foxx stating "But anyway, Fox man watch your mouth, we know you old washed up n*gga. You 75. You from the motherf*cking slave era, n*gga…You work for the Feds, what gangsta you know writes statements?" [watch here]

Bang Em Smurf Fires Waring Shots At Mazardi Fox