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J Dash Says He Talked To Miley Cyrus Months Before Her WOP Video

Posted By on April 26, 2013

Gainesville, FL native, J. Dash recently talked about the origin of the WOP and how it was conceived in his own apartment. He also speaks on how Miley Cyrus’s video of her twerking to his joint made it go viral.

It is simply crazy how the use of the internet and social media, along with a little help from friends in uniquely high places, can cause a simple record to take an entire world by storm. Well it happens every now and again. In J. Dash’s case, the friend was former Disney sweetheart turned pop sensation, Miley Cyrus. The song is WOP and the medium is a simple video in which Cyrus pops and twerks to J. Dash’s Wop.

Since the video was released the song and the video is being played in houses all across America and it has become the latest sensation. At current, the video of Miley shaking it has over four million views and it is still moving strong. I guess it is something special about the former nice girl twerking it in a onesie. Miley has been rather friendly with the Hip Hop industry as of late, and it seems that the Hip Hop industry loves her.

“I didn’t know she can move like that,” Dash told HipHopDX during an exclusive interview. “Miley [Cyrus] had hit me up months ago out of love saying she really loved this record. I was like, ‘Oh, cool.’ We kept in touch since then. So when it dropped that night, I was in my bed…still sick. Somebody asked me if I had seen the video. I went and looked at it on Facebook. I hit her up immediately saying it’s crazy. She was like, ‘You dig it?’ But we had been talking about it for months before that. She loved the record and we joked about doing the dance to it. I just never knew she was going to drop that video on Facebook to 24 million people.”