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Sheek Louch Responds To J-Hood Disses

Posted By on April 30, 2009

    Lox member Sheek Louch has replied to a recent diss, well we should say disses, by former D-Block member J-Hood. Claiming that the "beef" is pointless now, Sheek also described the last time he heard about J-Hood and why he would never do business with him again. [watch here]

    "Last time somebody had called me, he got knocked out on stage in Connecticut," Sheek explained in an interview. [watch here] "I done got e-mails saying let's piece this sh*t up, let's do this and that, fam, we not thinkin' about you…We heard your diss records, we heard you for months and years straight about it, we really don't care about your diss records…I guarantee the people in his camp are saying, 'D*mn, we dissed him, now what do we do?' Where's these records? You gotta come now. Even the 50 Cent sh*t, when we was going at 50, it's over…I loved him as a brother but it's over. He crossed that line and now I don't care about him. I will never work with him." [watch here]

Sheek Louch To J-Hood – "We Dont Care About Your Diss Records"