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Harry Fraud & Eddie B Preparing to Release a Full Length Album

Posted By on April 30, 2013

Harry Fraud has revealed that he and Eddie B will be releasing their next full length project, “Paper, Piff & Polo”, some time this year.

The two have just released Horsepower EP and are already looking ahead to their next project. During an interview with Conspiracy Worldwide Radio, the duo spoke on the recent release as well as their upcoming project.

Fraud spoke on the manner in which the two initially connected and how a birthday get away was the catalyst to the creation of Horsepower EP.

“Me and Eddie we’ve known each other for probably 10 years. We’ve been working on music for a long time. I think that we’ve both been doing our thing independently. I’ve been doing my production thing and he’s been doing his rapping thing,” the Brooklyn beatsmith explained. “But he’s been using my beats and we’ve been going back and forth. And I think now over the last year or so we kinda made a decision to kinda reconvene and go hard with the music. We recorded a full-length album already called Paper, Piff & Polo that people will get to hear later on in this year. But this Horsepower EP is something like we were on vacation. I had all my boys on vacation with me for my birthday and we just decided to do it and throw it out there.”

Eddie B also spoke up when he was questioned concerning the perception that he is not heavily involved in the process.

“Yeah, I’ve been rapping forever man. Since [I was] like 15-years-old so it’s okay, it’s cool,” said Eddie B. “At the end of the day man we just love to make music and that’s what it’s always been and that’s what it’s always gonna be. So, whatever people are saying I really don’t pay attention to. I just try to make real dope music. Harry’s always sending me beats so I always got mad work to do. I don’t really read a lot because from what I hear it’s not good to read [blogs]…I just try to focus on elevating the music. That’s really all I care about fam.”