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DJ Nabs Will Not To Respond Publicly To The Death of Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly

Posted By on May 8, 2013

In an interview with Rickey Smiley, Atlanta deejay, DJ Nabs, said that based on his personal knowledge of Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith, he will not want to respond to the death of his former musical partner, Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly publically.

Since news of the death of Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly hit the airwaves, a number of people have taken the opportunity to speak out about it. The late rappers mother used a joint press release through So So Def Records to make her statement. The group’s former Deejay, DJ Nabs also spoke out on the untimely death of a person he calls his little brother. Nabs said that he had spoken to Kelly just four days ago.

While sharing with Rickey Smiley, the deejay admitted that it was very difficult to digest the fact that his friend was gone.

“It’s hard to think about him in past tense, but Chris was my younger brother since I met him [when] he was 13 years old,” said the longtime Ludacris affiliate. “We had been there for each other—birthdays, holidays; he’s more than Kriss Kross to me, obviously.”

Nabs also made an effort to explain the apparent silence from Kelly’s long-time partner, Chris “Daddy Mac’ Smith, “I called Chris [Smith]. I texted him. Eventually, by the time it hit the news and everything, I knew that he probably knew what happened. But Chris not responding is really not out of the ordinary, ’cause Chris Smith really keeps to himself a lot. You probably won’t get an interview from him, I can say that. We’ll see. I haven’t talked to him.”