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Jaheim Announces His Sixth Album, Appreciation Day

Posted By on May 10, 2013

Soulful singer, Jaheim, has revealed that he is set to release “Appreciation Day”, his sixth album.

It is has been a while since the last album release by Jaheim, but the wait is finally over. The soulful crooner had indicated that he will be releasing his latest installment “Appreciation Day”. The says that he feels that it has been a while since he has been able to create truly heart felt music and this album is a representation of that sentiment.

“It’s been so long since I’ve had a chance to create music from my heart for the fans that have loved and supported me from the start. I decided to call the project Appreciation Day because that’s exactly what this album is…my show of appreciation to them,” said the singer.

On May 8th, Jaheim released “Age Ain’t A Factor”, his first single from his upcoming LP. As part of a Mother’s Day promotion, the singer will provide an all-expense paid excursion for a fan and their mother.

He explained why he did it, “It was important for me to do something special for the Mothers out there. These ladies give of themselves all year round. I’m, just sorry I couldn’t make the day beautiful for every woman everywhere.”