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M.I.A. Says Justin Bieber Is More Offensive Than Her

Posted By on May 13, 2010

     In the last month, M.I.A. has taken shots at almost everyone including Lady Gaga and now, Justin Bieber. In a new interview, M.I.A. says that Justin Bieber's videos are more violent ("more offensive") than her "Born Free." "I find the new Justin Bieber video more violent and more of an assault to my eyes and senses than what I've made," she joked to the mag.

     "It baffles me that everyone seems to be obsessed with deciphering the meaning to it," she said. "It baffles me in the same way as the Brick Lane riot for American Apparel leggings baffled me. We don't know what the process is for this one is yet. I haven't thought about it yet and I don't want to have to." Previosly M.I.A. accused Lady Gaga of stealing her looks from Madonna calling her a "a good mimic."

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