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Just Blazes Weighs In On Jay-Z Beefs

Posted By on May 20, 2010

      As a former producer at Roc-A-Fella, you would think that Just Blaze has opinions on all the beefs Jay-Z is in but he says he tries to stay out of it. Just did weigh in on the beef with Peedi Crack, saying Jay-Z worked as a team during their time together. "I don't really indulge in family squabbles, making them public. The way I look at it everybody feeds off everybody and everybody works together. What we did was make something great and we had a good run," he explained in an interview. "Rather than sit there and squabble about who took what from who, and who did who wrong, it's really no point in feeding into it because I could sit there and point out a million things that people in that situation did wrong…and I know a lot of things we did right. So the way I look at everybody ended up kind of like where they are supposed to be and if they didn't end up where they felt like they're supposed to be…it might be their own fault."


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