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Ice-T Explains Delays On New Documentary

Posted By on June 3, 2011

     Rapper slash Actor, Ice-T, recently spoke about his planned documentary on the late author Iceberg Slim's daughter Misty Beck. Ice-T says that the film is in works but explains why it's been delayed.

"We're working on it," Ice-T told SOHH about the unfinished Iceberg Slim documentary. "Actually, my manager has been working on the film and I've been looking at some of the cuts and the edits. It's a difficult film to make because we're dealing with all cats from that era and we're going back in time when Iceberg Slim was in motion. Of course we interviewed his daughter, we interviewed his wife, we've interviewed cats he rolled with, people from his publishing house. So that's something. That's part of our production company. It's up and coming but the first thing we got coming out is the Art of Rap film this summer. We just gotta take it step by step but the Iceberg movie is in the works. We shot a lot of it." (SOHH)