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Posted By on June 12, 2013

Mr. “Yo I got a fake I.D. though” is back with a hard hitting diss song.

J kwon, the St. Louis rapper, has been out of the lime light for a while now. With a moderately successful hit “Tipsy” under his belt, he makes his return in the form of a diss song titled “Pushing the Odds” that takes multiple shots at Pusha T and Odd Future front man Tyler, The Creator.


First up is Pusha T:

“Let’s get some sh*t straight for a second,” Kwon raps. “You just getting bread, Push, I been straight for a second/N*ggas say I’m dead, I say I’m too alive/Let me respect my elders, I’m 26, that n*gga 35 — Pusha T said my name, he owe me some paper.”


The rapper then has some choice words for Tyler, The Creator:

“Pal, I’ll mute ya/I bought a whip, call it Odd Future/Since ’04, I had the odd future,” Kwon raps. “I’ll turn off your lights like I’m Future/Lil homie, you don’t know me, quit f*cking with me/F*cking kids wearing wigs and f*cking with n*ggas/You the f*cking creator, is you like really creative — threw my old sh*t on their trailer/This is Child’s Play, so stay in a child’s play/N*ggas better grow up before I show up where you child play.” (“Pushing the Odds”)

No response from Pusha yet, but Tyler took to Twitter to tell fans how he feels about the song:



Check out “Pushing The Odds” below: