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Max B Talks After Being Convicted

Posted By on June 16, 2009

    Only a week has passed since Charly Wingate, better known as Max B, was convicted on murder conspiracy charges and now he's given his first interview. [listen here] Max first talked about the virdict saying "you know it's unfortunate. It's Bergen County. I thought the jurors had
me but they didn't, you know. Them h*es got weak at the end…I ain't
even got to talk, I'ma let my music talk and fight this sh*t from in
here." [listen here]

    Max then conpared his situation to Tupac. "He did a great job with the trial, Sounds like I'ma get that appeal
bond, appeal bail and we gonna jump out this motherf*cker like Tupac." [listen here] Max says he had a dream about T.I. and wants to patch things up with Jim Jones. "I had a dream me and T.I. came home at the same time and just ran in the studio and made a hit. Shout-out to T.I., hold your head brother…I wanna settle all the differences with my enemies, I wanna tighten this sh*t up with [Jim Jones], get this sh*t squared away so we can fall back and start getting some checks before hopefully this sh*t get outta hand and turn into a Biggie and Tupac situation and we don't need that."  [listen here]

Max B – 1st Interview Since Being Conviced