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The Lox Want To Tour With G-Unit

Posted By on June 18, 2009

    The Lox say that they don't have any beefs in the rap game, they actually want to tour with G-Unit. "I would love to do a tour with the whole G-Unit," Sheek Louch said in an interview. [watch here] "I was at Shady Records the other day and we were saying, it's all good everybody's cool now. I ain't got no problems with nobody in 50's camp, not one artist over there. None of Dipset, none of Jay-Z's people, none of Terror Squad. Real talk, right now we chillin'." [watch here]

     Sheek continued by saying it's just making money and having a good time. "Trying to get this bread, lovin' all the new artists that's coming out for the most part and we good. I would love to do a big tour. Imagine back then instead of beefing with Hov, we done did it with everybody, you name it. Instead of beefing with Hov, imagine we did a big a** tour with Dipset, us, everybody, the whole camp. It'd be sick, big money." [watch here]

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