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Gorilla Zoe Says Give Music Away

Posted By on June 22, 2009

    Gorilla Zoe recently talked about how far rappers should go now in order to stay in the light and make profits in the music industry despite the recent slump in album sales. Besides talking about his third album, Gorilla Zoe mentions that he plans to launch an new movie soon.

    "Yeah, you know, it's so many ways to make money in this sh*t man," he said in an interview. "It's just hard for corporate America because they base everything around the sales of CDs and now they're trying to capitalize on digital. The truth is that you got to give this sh*t away. Now they getting it with the 360 deals and all that sh*t, but, it's a sea of money. It's a sea of money out here and at one point in time they were making all of it. Nothing lasts forever though."

    In related news, a new song from Gorilla Zoe hit the net recently called "Gwalla" [listen here]. The new song also features Kolosus so make sure you [listen here]