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Max B Says He Does Time Like A G

Posted By on June 22, 2010

     Max B, better known in prison and to the government as Charly Wingate, is currently locked up behind bars serving out a 40-year jail sentence on a murder conviction charge. Recently over the phone, Max talked about the details of his sentence, adding that he is working on an appeal. "Me me straighten this out, I didn't get sentenced to 75 years, I got 40, they sentenced me to 40," Max told DJ Vlad during a phone interview. "I was a little devastated, it was excessive. My time was excessive, my charges were excessive, I got total faith in my appeal. I will be back, even though I was in devastation, y'all seen my in Hip Hop Weekly, y'all see my face, no tears. I'm holding it down like the 'G' I am. It's just a little reset, it put me back, a few feet in the game so I just gotta bring it back. It's gonna be even bigger now when I bring it back to life."

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