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Rappers Weigh In On Huge “Magna Carta” Promo

Posted By on July 2, 2013

As we approach the release of Jay-z’s highly anticipated “Magna Carta Holy Grail”, a few of rap’s heavyweights weigh in on the massive promotional push for the album.

G.O.O.D Music’s Big Sean and Atlanta native 2Chainz had this to say:

Fans are always impressed by Hov’s business moves, but his fellow MCs are, too, including Big Sean who told MTV News, “I think how Jay-Z announced his album is pretty bawsed up.” 2 Chainz wasn’t afraid to admit that he’d like to take a page out of Hov’s book as well. “I’m a big fan of Jay-Z’s and straight up he showed us how to do it, man, so I can’t lie and say I’m not tryna following his footsteps,” Chainz said. (MTV)

Recently, Diddy gave his two cents on the initative:

“While I was out here I called Jay and me and him been talking back and forth about the network and about his deal and how proud we were of each other. We’re actually changing together the business model of the music industry. As far as our power, you can see the power that we have, not me and Jay-Z, the power that we have as a culture that Samsung now is going to give Apple a run for its money. People actually believe and we believe in our leaders in hip-hop. What they say is cool and what they say is next and we recognized that what Samsung is doing is moving forward. We were like “Hey man, we may need to give this Galaxy joint a chance” and that’s a lot of power, man.” (VIBE)


Magna Carta Holy Grail Drops July 4th, exclusively to Samsung Galaxy users.