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LeBron James Covers Benzio’s New Magazine

Posted By on July 26, 2010

      Benzino is planning to launch a new magazine called "Skyboxx," which will be a sports and lifestyle stype of fish wrap. Due to debut on stand next weekend, the first issue will feature none-other than NBA-Super-Star, (and now one of the most talked about players) LeBron James.

      Benzino, who also co-owns his new "Hip Hop Weekly" magazine spoke about the directon his new fish wrap will take. "We got something coming out, we just finished LeBron James, I'm actually looking at it now," Zino says. "We're coming out with a monthly magazine called Skyboxx and it's basically going to cover sports. But, a lot of magazines out there kinda cover sports from the sports perspective. We kinda want to cover stuff from a lifestyle angle. These athletes are like the new hip-hop stars nowadays so there's a lot of things going on around their lives that people are interested in so we're gonna cover that on a monthly basis."

LeBron James – Footage