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Bill O’Reilly Goes At Hip Hop Heavyweights

Posted By on July 26, 2013

Bill O’Reilly is no stranger to beefing with hip hop artists. You might remember his infamous beef with Ludacris a few years ago that ended in Pepsi dropping Luda as a spokesperson.

Yesterday, the controversial Fox News Host, posted a blog about Hip hop heavyweights and the role they should play:

“President Obama and our leaders in Washington surely understand the root of the black crime problem. So do self-appointed civil rights leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. But they rarely discuss the matter in public. That might anger their constituency and be bad for business. When was the last time you saw a demonstration discouraging young black girls from getting pregnant outside of marriage? When was the last time the President held a press conference on the issue? When was the last time we saw the federal government put out a public service ad encouraging children to reject drugs and violence? Maybe Jay Z could do such an ad. How about Lil Wayne? Kanye West? These guys make millions rapping about dubious behavior. Sometimes they glamorize it. So why don’t they lead the charge to improve things on the south side of Chicago and other places under siege?” (Bill’s Column)

O’Reilly went on to touch on the controversial outcome of the George Zimmerman trial:

“There was plenty of outrage in the black precincts over the Zimmerman verdict. Understandable. But there is little national anger over thousands of African-Americans being gunned down in the streets by out-of-control young men, the vast majority of them black. Until the American leadership begins to encourage the return of the traditional black family, the enormous problems of black poverty and crime will continue. And the fear of young black men will continue. And the death of innocents will continue. Maybe Jay Z can rap about that.” (Bill’s Column)