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Alfamega clears Air on TI Diss and Snitching

Posted By on July 30, 2009

    A week after Alfamega released a public letter to the media, directed at former friend and boss T.I., the release of the song “Round One“, and some of its lyrics, have many speculating that the song is a diss to the incarcerated rapper. He also put out a video this week addressing some of the rumors and talks that have been going around [Alfamega Talks Snitching Rumors]

    In the song, Alfamega spits “Get your money up, let it pile up, Every other song, I’mma switch the style up. ” Continuing with, “Committing treason, get more than 100 lashes, Drop your ass like Jay did Dame Dash’s/ Let me cool down before I blow a head gasket/ Slappin’ this bitch, put a ni–a in casket/ One phone call do a ni–a something tragic/ Make your wife a widow and your son a little bastard.”

    However, Alfa has attempted to silence those allegations that the song is aimed at T.I., saying “The song was recorded when I was with Grand Hustle” Also saying, “My mixtape was already recorded before. I been hitting people on my Twitter this morning saying only fake people feed into fake beef. [The mixtape songs were] recorded when I was with Grand Hustle. I’m on a different thinking level. I’m not into rap beef. Beef gets more attention than the positive stuff. I don’t wanna be put into that category of beefing with Tip, especially when he’s down. I felt bad when he did what he did with me when I was in hospital chained to the hospital bed.”

“It’s just showing a different side of being lyrical,” Mega claims. “It’s really like the game ‘Fight Night.’ It was recorded it in the sense of ‘Fight Night.’ Every song has a different round. I’m not dissing nobody, man.”

    As for the mixtape “10 Round Knockout“, which was suppose to feature the song, Alfamega confirmed its demise, proclaiming that “People are just going to misinterpret the project, and I’m going forward in another direction.”

    The rapper also took time to address snitch-rumors that started with documents saying he worked as a DEA informant, which resulted in his removal from T.I.’s crew Grand Hustle, saying documents posted by the smokinggun were faked. “Somebody typed them up. I ain’t no snitch, I don’t work for the DEA or none of that,” Mega said in his video ,claiming that by lying on the case, he received a lighter sentence. “From the time I did it, I was remorseful. It hurt me. I ain’t snitch on this dude, I lied on this dude.”, for loyalty to an undisclosed person.

    He also claimed that T.I. was well aware of the situation beforehand, saying “Tip might sit there and fake with y’all. Shawty knew what it was the whole time. I been told him this.”