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Tony Touch Talks Staying Up-To-Date (Video)

Posted By on August 3, 2011

     Shade 45's own Tony Touch recently spoke about staying up-to-date and relevant as a radio host. Making a name for himself over the years through radio work, Tony Touch spoke to AlLindstrom.com about breaking into the radio industry and getting his gig at Eminem's Shade 45.

“My first radio gig was in Orlando, Florida. It was an AM station. I think it was WORL. If I remember the [core] letters correctly,” said Tony Touch. “Don’t laugh, but I was at a station called BJ 105…Came to New York my first radio gig in New York was HOT 97 believe it or not. I was doing a show with the Furious Five called the Mic Check Show. They had a run for about a year or two up there…I did Power 105 for about three, four years. That was in 2005. I got down with them. No, no I got down with Power 105 around 2002. And them I’m on Sirius Shade 45 now. Six years, I started that 2005.”

     Tony Touch then went on to explain that as a radio show host, it's very important to pay attention to not only artists, but all the new records showing up each day.

“The focus of the show, we definitely pay attention to a lot of new artists. I mean me being in the mixtape movement, the mixtape community for so many years 20 to be exact, I’ve always been known to break new records and break new artists and stuff like that,” Tony Touch explained. “It started with the mixtapes and now it’s carried over into the radio show now. And I have an opportunity to do interviews. Pretty much program my own show for four hours. In that time man in order to stay current and relevant you gotta pay attention to the artists.”

Tony Touch – Talks Radio Hosts Being Up To Date