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Travis Barker & DJ AM Survive Deadly Plane Crash

Posted By on September 20, 2008

    Travis Barker and DJ AM survived a deadly plane crash outside of Columbia, SC last night. The newly formed group, also known as TRVSDJAM, just got done performing a concert when they tried to leave the area right before midnight.
    The plane crashed just after take off, reportedly hitting some lights on the runway and crashing through a gate. Four people were killed including Chris Barker (Travis Barker's assistant), the pilot & co-pilot, plus another passenger. Travis Barker and DJ AM reportedly survived by jumping out of the plane door almost immediately after it stopped. Travis Barker was burned from the waist down and DJ AM suffered burns to his face. Both artists were taken to a top burn center in Augusta, GA.

    Travis Barker and DJ AM recently were the house band for the MTV Video Music Awards, both artists have solo albums due out later this year. The two artists recently released a new mixtape and video called "Fix Your Face."
    Watch News Reports From The Scene – Click Here

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Travis Barker & DJ AM Crash