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Plies Ready To Release Third Album After Only 3 Months

Posted By on September 22, 2008

    Plies is a work horse. After only three months and selling more than 400,000 copies of his second album "Definition of Real,"  Plies is ready to drop his third called "The Realest." Ted Lucas, the CEO of Plies' label Slip-N-Slide, says “December 16, Plies ain't gonna let you down,” Lucas said.  “Plies is a hard worker.  There's no need to hold him back.  I heard the album, heard the music, and I feel he's ready.  You gotta feed the fans.  When you got a fanbase and you're growing and they like your music, give them what they want.  Before, you had albums come out by, like, Michael Jackson — people be on that album for two years.  Now, the way the business is, we have to make sure the fans are happy and continue to grow.”

    The first single from Plies' third album is called "Pants Hang Low" [listen here] and it's produced by Mannie Fresh.