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MySpace Music Service – The Good and The Bad

Posted By on September 25, 2008

    MySpace launched it's long-anticipated MySpace Music service today after negociating deals with the four major record labels. Artists with profiles (with licensing deals) will be able to stream their entire catelog, instead of the previous limit of 6 songs. Fans also will benefit from the new service with the ability to post 10 songs for visitors of their profile and up to 100 songs for their own enjoyment with a playlist function.

    In the new service, when any member ads music to their playlist, their entire friend list is notified via the "Friend Updates" feed, linking to the song itself. "Add" and "Buy" buttons will be next to every song, with the buy option using Amazon.com's system, plus members can search for ringtones using a system with Jamster.

    Problems with the service include a missing system with the ability to buy concert tickets and artist merchandise plus music from artists not on the four major labels will not be available. Users will not be able to share their playlists on other sites or use any kind of widget-based distribution. MySpace says they will update the service with these features in the next year.