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Action Bronson Denies Obscene On-Stage Antics

Posted By on October 3, 2013

Rapper Action Bronson recently got a horrible concert review from a reporter from Now Toronto. Below is what the critic thought of Action’s show:

“During one song, Bronson brought a woman onstage, threw her over his shoulder, put her down in front of him, and proceeded to grope and shake her breast for…like, a long time,” Now Toronto’s writer said of the October 1 concert in Toronto, Ontario. “Then he tossed her away like a piece of trash.”

The critic went on to further bash the rapper, stating:

Bronson said he fucks with everyone who bought a ticket that night. Well, not everyone…And while the act was shocking – yes, even though Bronson puts out revolting cover art like this, it is still shocking to see such a thing happen 10 feet in front of your face – the most disturbing part was the uproarious cheers from the mostly college-boy crowd.”

Action took to Twitter to address the critic: