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UK Rapper Says Yung Berg Went To The FBI

Posted By on October 5, 2010

     A day after Yung Berg confirmed that he had a second chain stolen, a Batman themed one, a rapper from the UK (Rowdy-T) says that Yung Berg has talked to the authorities about the chain. "I heard your little interview on ther aid station today, which was ridiculous. You said that this chain was going to be given to a 10-year-old for charity case, that's the only reason you're pissed off about it. Come on now, come on," Rowdy-T calmly stated. "You got stuck. You're going to give this to a 10-year-old boy for what, so he can get robbed and stuck up everyday like you? I know you been on the phone, I know you told the FBI. They contact my people and start harassing people. That's not how gangsters do business, tell the truth man. Stop being on the b**ch a** level and come see me."

     As we reported, Yung Berg put out a statement after his 2nd chain was taken…  "This Batman chain is not important to me. I got chains…The
biggest issue for me was that I gave away to charity, to a kid that
loves Batman," he recently saidk. Check out the video of Rowdy-T responding below.

Rowty-T –  Responds To Yung Berg Claiming He Doesnt Care