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Hell Rell Talks Max B’s 75 Year Sentence

Posted By on October 8, 2009

      Hell Rell recently talked about Max B being sentenced to 75 years in prison stating that his former Diplomat friend should have got a better attorney. Despite their problems in the past, Hell Rell also said that Max got too strict of a sentence. "I had a relationship with Max B," Rell said in an interview. "It kinda hurt me [learning the sentence] because he's a young n*gga, came from the struggle just like me, and I don't wanna see no man do time like that. I'm kinda hurt by that, like, d*mn son, 75? They slayed that boy." [Hell Rell Talks About Max B And His Sentence – Watch Here]

     Rell then talks about Max B getting a cheap lawyer. "It's kinda his fault because he ain't pay for his lawyer. He was running around there wavy, doing shows, you had money for a lawyer, you could have got a better lawyer. His lawyer f*cked it up — you ain't supposed to be blogging. You a lawyer, you blogging, you don't do sh*t like that. That's not gangsta. You supposed to put that money up, you doing shows. Max B did my whole loop, everywhere where I performed, they had him booked. He was doing shows, so he had lawyer money. He coulda bought ten years, n*gga." [Hell Rell Talks About Max B Sentenced toaa 75 Years – Watch Here]

Hell Rell – Talks About Max B's 75 Year sentence