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Scarface calls Mccain a F’n Racist Redneck

Posted By on October 9, 2008

As it gets closer to November 4th, Election Day, more and more rappers are getting political and talking and giving their opinions.

O.G. geto boy himself Scarface recently had an interview with Rolling Out TV [WATCH VIDEO HERE] discussing politics with endorsing Obama and tearing apart Mccain (or as we call him Mccant or Mcsame).

“I think Barack Obama has the right idea,” he said. “I think he played his campaign very well. He didn’t lean his meter ‘either or,’ he came right in dead center, and that’s politics.”

But than Face starts talking about Mccant and he doesnt hold back.

“If you’ve never in your life seen a nigga-hatin’ motherf*cker that just hates niggas, look at that f*ckin pink ass white boy,” Face bluntly states.

“At least he’s real with himself. The whole time they had their debate, you know that motherfuckin’ peckerwood would not look that nigga in his eyes. And that right there showed me the respect he had for niggas. John McCain man, I respect that.”

“You fucking racist red neck piece of shit white boy, short arm no top-lip movin’ brown teeth motherfucker. I love you dude.”


Now thats what i am talking about laying down your opinion and standing up for what you think. Do you think Scarface was to hard on Mccain? Tell us What you think in the COMMENTS.