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Cory Gunz Tries To Get His Own Shyne

Posted By on October 11, 2010

     Newly signed artists on Lil Wayne's Young Money, Cory Gunz, recently talked about being on the label and what it took to earn his own respected shine. Despite being on the same label as Nicki Minaj and Drake, Cory Gunz says hes confident in his ability to get attention.

     "I think, ultimately, I have to do me. If you notice, everyone you mentioned on the team all made their own lanes and names for themselves where you know it's Young Money because of the imprint and it's family, but they're out there heavy doing their own thing. Wayne, of course, started it because of his track record and work ethic, but the same goes for Drizzy, NickiTyga doing his thing with Chris Breezy, Gudda and everyone else is doing their own thing, making their own noise. I'm just happy I can be somewhere and genuinely be myself and get credited for it. Young Money has given me the opportunity to just be me and we're going to see where it goes so get ready!"

Cory Gunz – Interview Footage (Shoots For Exposure)