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Young Dro Claims Atlanta is “The Most Hated City”

Posted By on October 16, 2013

It’s no surprise to anyone whose ever heard more than three rap/hip hop songs, Atlanta is a mecca for talent and innovation when it comes to urban music, and culture as whole. Rapper Young Dro recently sat down with Allhiphop.com, and expanded on this notion. He also goes on to say that his city is the most hated.

“It also has been the most hated on city too,” Dro said. “So, eventually that hate turns into love. So, being the city that you have to come to now, we’re like the Mecca of music right now…I like the fact that we have pioneered the industry and music game and made our print in the music industry. This is the recording capital.”

Dro then touched on the amount of time (7 years) between his debut album and his recent follow up “High Times” :

“I was looking through the body of work that I’ve done to see if I’ve felt myself that I’ve been gone,” he said. “I came up with 17 CDs with like 17 or better songs on them. So, I can’t say that I’ve been gone. Some of these CDs have taken me to Germany to tour. I’ve still been able to feed my kids, so I can’t say that I’m gone because a gone person can’t do these things that I do.”


Full interview below: