Pill Brings Atlanta’s Housing Problems To The U.N.

Pill Brings Atlanta’s Housing Problems To The U.N.

     Freshman rapper Pill recently recorded a short video, as part of the Testify project, to bring his frustrations with the lack of affordable housing in his home of Atlanta to the attention of the United Nations. The video will be screened at the U.N. summit in Geneva, Switzerland next month (but you can watch it now below).

     Derek Schklar, Pill's former manager, talks about how Pill got involved and why the issue hits so close to home. “Pill is from a project that they tore down and moved to another project that they tore down, and all of the places that he’s grown up are basically gone.”

     “People are basically on the streets now because ain’t no housing left for poor people in the city,” Schklar said. “They’re pushing it all out on the outskirts, where it’s even worse, there’s no public transportation [and] no access to the city services that impoverished people depend on.”

Pill – Testimonial Recorded For Testify Project With The UN


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