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Shynes Father Talks about Son; Video of Shyne in Belize

Posted By on October 30, 2009

    Shyne’s father, the Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow has released his first official statement in support of his estranged son Shyne (Jamal Barrow) since Shyne has returned to Belize after deportation on Tuesday.

    After a few days of Shyne being home Prime Minister Barrow expressed his hope that his son will recover from the physical and emotional stress of a decade in prison.

“When I saw him yesterday I was stunned. You don’t go to jail for that period of time. It’s obviously exacting a huge toll on you but I really was shocked to see what it had physically done to him. Clearly it will take some time for him to be able to recover from that experience. Not having gone through it myself, I don’t know whether one is ever able to recover. But it was wonderful to see that he is free at last, good to have him in Belize. Although he appeared physically frail, it was obvious that he was mentally strong as ever. He certainly kept talking to me about what his presence here at home could mean for this country, what opportunities he could cause us to be able to—he could create for us and I was certainly very impressed and gratified by that. I was also greatly pleased that the first thing he did was to go to the Youth Hostel. But I understand that in due course, he will speak to you himself and so perhaps I ought to leave it here. Good to have him home.”

    Shyne has rented an entire floor at the Radisson Fort George until construction of an extension on the home of his uncle, Michael Finnegan, is complete. One of Shyne’s attorneys including Professor Charles Ogletree is arriving in Belize on Saturday and is expected to speak to the media.