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Producer Hit-Boy Talks About Reaching Jay-Z Level Of Success

Posted By on October 31, 2013

Super producer Hit-Boy recently talked about his career in music so far, and his aspirations to reach a level of success that can rival Jay-Z’s.


“I’m very aware of the things I’ve accomplished, and I’m very appreciative, but I’m so far away from where I want to be,” Hit-Boy said in a recent interview with Life+Times. “I get to have dinners and kick it with people like Jay Z and stuff like that. I want to be on his level one day, and I feel like I for sure can. I’m very far away from that right now. I’ve just gotta keep working to get to that point. I see myself being at the caliber one day, so I’m not stopping until I get there.” (Life+Times)


He also went on to discuss crossing genres of music:

“To me it’s all music,” Hit-Boy said. “I don’t really have a genre or think about genres. I just focus on what’s gonna make people feel good. What’s gonna challenge the ear to make people not hear the same shit that everybody else is doing? I’m trying to find sounds and little ways to put things in ways that people haven’t heard before every single time. It’s just about quality, bringing it back to when music was an experience. It’s gotten to the point where artists and producers make the same shit over and over and over and fucking over. It’s frustrating for me sometimes when from Day One I’ve been constantly trying to make every single beat sound different. That’s just something I’m trying to continuously push until people take notice.” (Life +Times)