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Curren$y Gives The Keys To Success (Video)

Posted By on November 2, 2011

     New Orleans own Curren$y recently spoke on what he thinks are the keys to success, most importantly, making your own path in life.

"Doing your own sh*t," Curren$y said when asked how to maintain success. "Like the minute you try to do what somebody else is doing because they're winning, you're gonna fall in the lump. And there's nothing original about you anymore. Nobody's gonna give a f*ck about it. You're just gonna blend in. So you gotta make sure you stand out. [If I could write my own book, what would it be called?] Jet Life Instructions. [It'd be] life instructions and instructions on how to live the Jet Life." (Montreality)

Currensy – Interview With Montreality