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Update: Wiz Khalifa Talks Jail On Twitter

Posted By on November 10, 2010

     Just hours after being arrested in North Carolina on drug possession charges, up-and-coming rapper Wiz Khalifa hit up all of his fans via his twitter account. Wiz Khalifa let his fans know what it was like to be locked-up.

"man, jail sux! but bein taylor'd doesn't," Wiz tweeted Tuesday (November 9).
"@CardoGotWings man we hella str8"
"finna get tha rest of these fools out and grab sum grub"
"everything's better"
"@SnoopDogg im back better than ever big homie. u get dat record?" (Wiz Khalifa's Twitter)

Wiz Khalifa – Gets Busted With Marijuana Trafficking