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Joe Denies Fight With Trey Songz Over Tahiry

Posted By on December 1, 2009

    Long-time singer Joe recently denied reports that he was involved in a physical altercation (better known as a fight to the rest of us) with fellow singer Trey Songz over new KING magazine cover girl Tahiry, who also used to date Joe Budden and has had a new relationship (working she says) with 50 Cent. Details of the alleged fight hit the net yesterday (November 30th). The reports say that Trey Songz security didn't allow anyone in his VIP area not even Joe and when he did come in, the fight broke out. The story goes that Trey Songz entourage began to get at Joe and it went from there.

    Joe says the story is simply not true. "First of all, I was not involved in a fight," he promised in an interview. "Me and Trey Songz are real cool. We did a record on my last album. We did 'We Need To Roll' and, you know, I went to show support. That's my man. I heard he was going to be having a party that night and there was going to be a performance. Nothing happened between him and I…It could have been where my man had a problem with security just for a quick second and they were trying to clear the V.I.P. It was really, really crowded up there. It wasn't anything like they didn't want me there [or] they didn't want the other guests there, like Tahiry…So, security had him hemmed up in the corner and I told them. 'That's my man. He's with me' and [security] was like 'Cool, no problem.'" Joe explained. After that, he said he left the club." [Tahiry – Talks Joe Budden & Relationship With 50 Cent – Listen & Watch Here]

Tahiry Talks Joe Budden & 50 Cent Relationship