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Sheek Louch Talks DMX Dissing Jay-Z (Video)

Posted By on December 1, 2010

     Sheek Louch recently shared his reaction to DMX calling out Jay-Z during an Arizona concert last month, just days before being arrested for violating his parole. Sheek says that his former labelmate was always known for going at other artists during their early days.

"I gotta find out what that was about," Sheek told DJ Vlad when asked his opinion about X's diss. "I'm guessing because [Jay-Z] was the president at Def Jam at the time, when X wanted to put his album out — I was guessing Hov was over here, the president, and I heard one time X delivered the project and [Jay] said, 'nah, he gotta come harder' or something like that. I heard rumors and sh*t like that…[Out in Yonkers,] that's nothing new. X was getting at motherf*ckers and coming at you, man. All that spellbound sh*t back then, that was real sh*t." (Vlad TV)

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