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Katt Williams Talks Wal-Mart Shotgun Incident

Posted By on December 7, 2009

    Comedian Katt Williams is now speaking out about recent reports that he was involved in a shotgun incident at a Georgia Wal-Mart last Friday (December 4th). Talking to a local news station (Action News 2), Katt Williams says he feels like he's been targeted by the police. "This guy's saying he's her boyfriend and he's brought his family with him," Williams told media. "Now one of them has a holster and a pocket full of bullets and a pistol. So I tell them, let's step outside. Once they get me outside and there's six of them and of of me. Then all of a sudden, they calling the sheriff to tell the sheriff I got guns and I'm the problem…This is a witch hunt, it's getting to the point where I feel like I'm being persecuted because this don't make no sense. You can't act like I'm a trouble maker, I been here for two months, I ain't been to a club yet." [Katt Williams Talks About The Wal-Mart Shotgun Story – Watch Here]

    First reports suggested that a fight broke out between Williams entourage and another group of people. Early reports said the comedian was arrested and was taken to Coweta County jail. Stories suggested members of his entourage were also arrested but no details were given. [Katt Williams Says "Theres 6 Of Them And One Of Me" – Watch Here]

Katt Williams – Talks Walmart Arrest "Six Of Them, One Of Me"