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Sheek Louch Confirms Lox Album Under Bad Boy

Posted By on December 7, 2009

    Long-time D-Block member Sheek Louch recently put some details to the massive rumors going around of a new Diddy slash LOX reunion by confirming that the upcoming album will be dropped under Bad Boy Records. According to Sheek Louch, although there is not an exact release date for the album, the album will reunite the group with Diddy and Bad Boy. [Sheek Louch Says Lox Album Will Be With Diddy – Watch Now]

    "I got an answer for that, I really think I got an answer," Sheek said about the forthcoming album. "Yo word up, top of the year, Lox album is coming. I would love for it to come then, we're working actually with Puff, with Sean Combs. We working out that. Puff Daddy, we working that out. We working that out and hopefully it goes down. It's gonna be Interscope/Bad Boy/D-Block. Oh yo, slash Ruff Ryders, I'm sorry, I can't leave my boys out. It's like a big thing because we still Interscope. We still Ruff Ryders. It'll be a nice thing." [Sheek Louch Confirms Lox Album Under Bad Boy – Watch Here]

Sheek Louch – Talks Diddy & Lox Deal "Its Interscope / Bad Boy"