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Webbie Addresses Sexual Harassment Allegations from Rocsi Diaz

Posted By on December 7, 2011

Weeks after being banned from "106 & Park" for allegedly sexually harassing cohost Rocsi Diaz, rapper Webbie is responding to those claims.The Lousiana rapper states that Diaz isn’t even on his mind, and that his sexual preference is for women larger than the petite hostess:

"Ah, I ain’t thinking about that girl, man," Webbie said in an interview. "Savage Life 3, Savage Life 3, it’s on. I’m here with my dogs, I’m here with my dogs. We’re here tripping out. My n*gga talking about how to f*ck a bad b*tch and what’s the best way to get a bad b*tch. We steady thinking of trick plays to get bad b*tches and get them in the bed. We’re steady making plans, you heard? … If you ain’t thick and fine with a** jiggling when you walk, I don’t even want to have nothing to do with you. We can be ‘Hey, how you doing,’ but I don’t f*ck with you. My d*ck’s too big." (YouTube)

This comes after Rocsi claimed the rapper was vulgar and disrespectful to her in front of the audience, which contained children, on the set of “106&Park. Diaz alleged:

“In any light that a woman feels disrespected, and I have thick skin, but when you’re at your job and somebody sexually harasses you in a manner that is very vulgar and disgusting, you know, I have no shame in sticking up for myself and telling you you’re improper right now, I’m at work, we’re on set, there’s children around us, you’re really out of line right now” Diaz said. “I think people should more so applaud a woman sticking up for herself and the people around her for sticking up for herself than allowing that kind of behavior to happen. I think that we allow that behavior to happen too much in our society and we don’t put light on people being inappropriate.” (Nitecap)

One person who did defend Rocsi was cohost Terrence J, and Rocsi admits she is still a fan of Webbie:

“I still am a fan ’cause I’m from New Orleans, I’m from Louisiana and he’s from Baton Rouge, I love his music — but to have someone you were a genuine fan of — there’s a manner in which you speak to people and he disrespected me. Terrence stood up for me, I stood up for myself and the network would not allow anyone to come and disrespect their host in that manner. … His management and everybody has reached out and been super duper nice and they reached out to me and they apologized. I think that they’ve had problems with him before. I think if you YouTube him, you can see other interviews where he’s been very inappropriate.” (Nitecap)

Webbie previously denied the allegations flat out, stating:

“Nothing. You seen the picture,” Webbie told hip-hop personality Julia Beverly when asked what he told Rocsi which resulted in Terrence J announcing his ban. “That’s what I said — go look at the picture. He put his own words to that. You know what I’m saying? I’m not saying it in an arrogant way. … You can’t stop me from being black entertainment, man. Not no one person — you ain’t got enough power to call that shot. [What did the BET executives tell me?] They said, ‘Ah, don’t worry about that, man. Don’t worry about that little clown.’ But look, I’m trying to calm all that down, Julia, ’cause it got people talking about when they catch that boy outside, they’re gonna do [something]. You know, that’s how fans is, they’re crazy.” (Ozone Magazine)

Webbie Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations against Rocsi Diaz