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Yelawolf Says White Guys Should Stop Using N Word

Posted By on December 8, 2010

     Hip Hop newcomer Yelawolf recently spoke about his thoughts on white rappers using the racial terms in a predominately black genre.

"People are still judging immediately," Yela said referring to critics of his image as a white emcee. "They're not even giving music a chance. And on the flip side, I met somebody last night who had [my album] Trunk Muzik downloaded without any artwork and somehow had never seen a picture of me and said, 'Oh my G-d, I didn't know you was white, that's crazy'.  What the f*ck? I didn't know you was white?' I didn't know how, in this day and age but I think it said a lot about my music and it said a lot about that person too. To me, I make music and I respect black culture. At the end of the day, this is black music and it's American black music. I was watching a documentary on The Rolling Stones and listening to Keith Richards talking about his passion for American black music, that's what created The Stones. We can't forget that here in America. If you're a white boy and you're doing this, it's something you have to respect. The roots of this is black music, black culture. You have to accept it and not just accept it, but embrace it, love it and be proud of it…." (XXL Mag)

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