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Knoc-Turn’al Drops The Prequel To Knoc’s Ville

Posted By on December 17, 2010

     Knoc-turn'al is back! Check out Knoc-turn'al's new mixtape "1.11.11 The Prequel" with guest features from Jayo Felony, One-2, Cashis, Shaunta and more!

"1.11.11 The Prequel" [Download]

"1.11.11 The Prequel" is just a taste of what is to come! Knoc-turn'al's upcoming new album "Knoc's Ville" will hit stores on January 11th, 2011 (1.11.11)! "Knoc's Ville" features guest appearances from fellow rappers Crooked I, Jayo Felony, Yukmouth, K-Young, Sly Boogy, One-2 and more!

      Be on the look out for Knoc-turn'al's new single "If U Wanna" (featuring K-Young) as it will be hitting radio stations and online outlets later this week!

1.Just Like Us (f. One-2 & Ca$his) (Produced by Komplex)
2.Ain't Seen U At All (f. Young Hu$tle & Jaguar)
3.Give me the Night (Produced by Komplex)
4.Call Me (f. Jaguar) (Produced by Komplex)
5.Mad at the Aftermath (f. Shaunta & Shorty) (Produced by Focus…)
6.Sorry I Left You (Produced by Komplex)
7.Oh Oh Here She Comes (f. Jayo Felony Jaguar & Sabrina) (Produced by DJ Bless)
8.Huntin' (Produced by Knoc-turn'al)
9.Can We Do Our Thing (Produced by Komplex)
10.I'm on a Hunt (f. Airamis) (Produced by Ajami)
11.U Don't Know (f. The Raskal & Lifted)

"1.11.11 The Prequel" [Download]