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B.G. Says He Is Leaving T.I.’s Grand Hussle

Posted By on December 23, 2009

    B.G. recently announced that his new "Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood" album will be the last he will do through T.I.'s Grand Hustle Records. The Hot Boys member says he is now looking for a new label. "I'm gonna be a free agent," he revealed in an interview. " I'm gonna sit down with the people that closest to me like my manager and lawyers and see what's the best route to do. [Grand Hustle,] no, all that's over with. [T.I.] was the executive producer of the project with me when it was on Atlantic. After the situation with him and the Hip Hop Awards, they kind of froze up on me, kept pushing the album back. This was pre-recession. Once I felt like they were playing with me, I stopped calling, got back doing what I was doing, creating another opportunity." [B.G. Says He Is Leaving T.I.'s Grand Hussle Records – Watch Here]

    In related news, there are rumors going around that B.G. might return to his former home of Cash Money Records. After rumors started that the Hot Boys would be getting back together and making a reunion album, word started to spread that B.G. might go back himself. "If the numbers right, if it makes sense," he stated. [B.G. – Talks About Looking For A New Label – Watch Here]

B.G. – Leaves T.I.'s Grand Hussle Records